[UPDATE] Ring Ceremony

Dear KMAC Family,

Due to the difficulties of the holidays and family obligations we are moving the 2016 Ring Ceremony to sometime in early 2017

Please look for our schedule date for this coming event.

Happy Holidays!


[Original Post November 10, 2016]

Please join us in the UPCOMING 2016 Ring Ceremony Luncheon!
All KMAC members, active or inactive are welcome to join us in this year’s 2016 Ring Ceremony to recognize and celebrate students at the school for their excellence in their respective categories!
Such as: Most Inspiration Award, Best Attitude Award, Leadership Award, MVP Award, and much more!
Tickets will be available for sale as soon as the venue is finalized!
In ordered to be a recipient of the award one must participate in the luncheon, so please join us!
KMAC Staff