July/August Announcements and 4th of July Closure

Dear KMAC Family,

On July 3rd we will be having an Open Mat Event between the hours of 4:00- 7:00 this is a time for you to work on anything you would like to improve on, there will not be a structured class as usual but just a time frame for you to invite your friends to the school, or ask the instructors for help with what you are struggling with. Please take advantage of the instructors vast amounts of knowledge, to learn as much as you can!

4th of July the KMAC will be closed, in observation of Independence day, please have a safe and fun holiday, also be sure to take pictures and send them to us here at the school of your fun times with your families.

July 8th we will be hosting a Kids Night Out, this is your chance to have fun with your friends from either School or Taekwondo, the time we will be running this event is from 5:00 – 8:00 PM with an overhead cost of $25 on the agenda we will have but not limited to:

Playing Taekwondo games (Soccer, Baseball, Dodgeball, etc)

  • Watching Movies
  • TKD trivia
  • Drawing Competitions
  • Pizza Party
  • + Much More

Also coming up soon, Aug. 5th we will be having another Fall In-house tournament. These developmental competitions help students gain confidence by stepping out of their comfort zones within a safe environment. This is also an awesome opportunity for seasoned competitors to hone in their skills and get ready for the tournaments to come in 2018. Be sure to test yourself, don’t doubt your skills, just stay confident and train hard.

Stay safe and train hard
-Instructor Fogarty, Alexander