I have been asked many times as to the purpose of studying traditional Martial Arts weapons in a modern society. At first inspection it would seem that no one is really going to attack us with a sword or a jo as we go about our lives. But the benefits are vast as to the lessons the traditional weapons give us.

From the study of weapons we learn about body positioning, extension, alignment, using our entire body to create power, connection, and entering. The hand techniques that we are taught have their history in the weapons. Learning to sink, utilize your hips, connect and using ki instead of muscle power are just some of the benefits from diligent weapons practice.

From a self defense angle the cane is one of the few legal weapons available to us today. The katas of the sword and jo teach us many ways to move and evade an opponent while accepting their attack and countering. Proper body alignment is essential to the study of weapons and translates back to the basic techniques. The application of the concept of energy rather than muscle power is a benefit learned from weapons.

The weapons program at KMAC covers not only the use of the sword, jo, cane, knife, don bong, and other weapons but includes advanced hand techniques, kicking and punching while applying hand techniques and multiple attacks. Proper Ukemi (being a good partner), falling and rolling, and breathing exercises for the development of ki are additionally taught.


* This class is by invitation only and reserved for Black Belts and advanced students. It is considered a special class and to participate in it you must have the approval of both Grandmaster Jung and Grandmaster Goldstein. It is hoped that all black belts and black belt candidates will spend some time studying weapons to further their Martial Arts knowledge.