Was it ever about Board Breaking or is it the Board Breaking experience?

Was it ever about Board Breaking or is it the Board Breaking experience?

By Darlene Hong, KMAC Student of 17 years
3rd Degree Black Belt at age 58

As I look back over the years and reflect on life’s challenges and successes, I have to say at every step of the way, Grand Master Jung’s teaching continues to be in my day to day life. He trains our physical well-being, strengthen our mental health and spiritual energy through tactics and techniques that one can apply in their life. We have choices with every encounter whether at home, at work, with friends or families and every actionable step can lead to failure or success. To each failure we learn from it and from each success, we strive for more.

Was it ever about the boards we break or was it to train our ability to overcome fear, build confidence, trust our instincts, to develop inner strength and most of all the “I got the fighting spirit” attitude.

With that I say Thank you Grand Master Jung for your leadership, wisdom and mentorship to generations of students who have become a part of the KMAC Family.

On Saturday December 12th, what started out to be a training session ended with a presentation award!

Thank you for this award. I am truly honored to receive it along with my fellow classmate Azar Azar. It is an even greater honor to be placed in such distinguished ranks as those of the past recipients, most of whom have been Masters, classmates at one time or another as well as our rising superstar next generation of students, all of whom have dedicated their time and commitment here at KMAC.

This award Ring says “CHAMPION” and for me it is a reminder that we are all CHAMPIONS in what we do for our own personal development, for our family, friends and colleagues at work.

For me, it is a constant reminder to achieve personal success, be my children’s champion, to be the fearless leader at work and mentor others to become Champions as well.

Thank you so much Grand Master Jung for the Champion Ring and instilling the fighting spirit in Me!

With respect and gratitude,