Tiny Tigers

The Korean Martial Arts Center Tiny Tigers class will expose your child to positive social interaction with his/her instructors and peers in class. They will learn how to work with others, listen to and follow directions from their instructors. The Tiny Tigers class will create an enhanced environment for your child to develop in a fun, positive and motivated direction. Enrolling your child in martial arts at an early age* will give them a headstart with the right tools needed to benefit in the developmental stages of life skills.

The Tiny Tigers program is an introductory taekwondo curriculum that emphasizes on the development of basic life and martial arts skills. These skills will help them become more confident and respectful. They will become better students at school, better listeners at home and be more ambitious towards future goals. The following are some of the skills your child will benefit from participating in the KMAC Tiny Tigers class:


To maintain a good posture and not fall down. This is a very crucial skill at a child’s early age of development. Your child will be less likely to fall down or become injured if they are adept with their balance. He/she will have better balance and posture.
To know left from right. This skill will help prevent your child from injury in sports and physical activity. This skill will also prepare your child for more advanced movements in martial arts and sports.
To make good decisions. Paying attention to the teacher at school or eating at the dinner table at home. Your child will learn on how to make good decisions and will gain confidence.
Doing the right thing or following the rules. In class our instructors make it fun and rewarding for your child when he/she listens and follows instruction. Your child will take pride in wanting to do the right thing.
Exercise and being healthy. Your child will learn the importance of staying fit and being physically active.
To improve your child’s physical accuracy, concentration, listening and reaction skills. Your child will excel faster in physical activities. He/She will have more concentration and be more attentive in school.
The ability to remember is a crucial exercise for the development of your child’s brain. The earlier your child practices this skill, the sooner it will help him/her develop a larger capacity to learn. Our drills help your child think and make smart decisions.
The ability to work with others. Your child will become more confident working with others. It will help him/her develop character, which will help your child make new friends and become a better leader in life.


* 4 years old – 7 years old (Dependent on instructor pre-evaluation. Please contact us to set up an appointment.)