Tiny Tigers Limited Soft Re-Start September 22, and Discontinuing of Aptos Saturday Sessions

Dear KMAC Family,

We will be offering a limited soft re-start of the Tiny Tigers program at KMAC at our 1414 Ocean Avenue site starting Tuesday September 22, 2020.

And also, regretfully we are discontinuing the Saturday Sessions at Aptos Park classes starting Saturday, September 26th onward.

The tentative Tiny Tigers classes schedule will be the following:

Tuesday/ Thursday

6PM to 6:45PM

Please select a Saturday Session

Saturday (Session 1)

9AM to 9:45AM


Saturday (Session 2)

12PM to 12:45PM

At this time we can only accommodate 5-6 Students per Class, so it’s imperative that you make arrangements with GM Jung as soon as possible to reserve a spot for your Child!

Currently we are only accepting payments on a month to month basis until we are able to fully open. At this time, our monthly rate is $150 per month with an Annual Membership Fee of $50. When we are able to fully open, we can offer group rates.

At this time we can only accept Checks or Cash!

To keep everyone safe, a Face Mask, Gloves and Non-slip Socks must be worn at all times, as well as maintaining Social Distance in the Dojang at all times. Please allow for ample time for each student to Check-In at the Sign In Desk to have a logged Temperature Check and a COVID-19 Questionnaire to be read and signed each time they enter the Dojang!

We want to thank everyone who took part in our Aptos Park Training Sessions and contributed to make it possible for us to purchase a Fogging Machine to disinfect the School and door mounted Exhaust Fans to increase air circulation, as well as help with the high cost of the Re-Opening.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at (415) 333-1050.

Yours in Martial Arts,

Grand Master Jung