KMAC would like to congratulate Grandmaster Goldstein for being recognized by the California Senate!

On December 8, 2016, Grandmaster Richard Goldstein was recognized by the California State Senate for his work in helping the Homeless in San Rafael.

KMAC would like to congratulate Grandmaster Richard Goldstein for his Award and for his tireless effort in this endeavor!

Grandmaster Goldstein has been serving on the Advisory Board of the Downtown Street Teams of San Rafael for the last five years and works with the branch of the Palo Alto Street Teams who help the Homeless in getting reengaged with the community and with their own lives.

Grandmaster Goldstein has been a Director since the program first arrived to San Rafael about five years ago.

His involvement is inspired by the “Code of the Samurai” which teaches that “we have an obligation to protect and help those who can not help themselves”. We certainly agree that Grandmaster Goldstein exemplifies this code.

On receiving the award Grandmaster Goldstein said, “I am truly humbled about the recognition and the true hero in all of this are the Homeless that have turned their lives around through the most difficult circumstances that you could imagine.”