July 4th (Saturday) 12PM to 1:30PM – Outdoor Workshop at Aptos Park


Date: 7-4-20 (Sat)

Location: Aptos Park

Time: 12 (Noon)-1:30pm

Dress Code: Sports Wear, Sport Shoes, Water, Sun-screen & KMAC t-shirt/Hoodies!  Mask are Required, Social Distancing is Required  (10ft.+),  Temperature Check/Logging is Required.  And please, no hanging around the group!!!

Donation: $20.00 per session towards “Fogger” for our school when we re-open. Prior large donors exempted. Please enclose in an envelope with your name(s) to SBN Sandy Lee.


11:45am – Check In (Temperature Log)

12 Noon – Warm up

12:15pm – Basic 

12:30pm – Olympic Drills

12:55pm – Group Photo (Split 2 Groups of 10’s )

1:00pm  – Break Down

              Forms: Color Belt

                         Black Belt


1:00pm – Jo Form (must bring your own “Stick” ) we recommended 5′ or longer (a broom stick is suffice). For anyone who wants to  learn! Instruction by Grandmaster Jung.  Must have 6 participates!

* Tiny Tigers: A 45min. special TT class dedicated to all our youth members.  They will separate from the main group with SBN Sandy Lee.

* Please Check-in if you are going to attend for accounting purposes.

Be healthy and safe,

– Grandmaster Jung