July 25th (Saturday) 11AM to 12:30PM – Outdoor Workshop at Aptos Park (Updated Hours!)

Dear KMAC Family,

As part of our COVID-19 Safety Program when KMAC Re-Opens in Mid-August a $20 dollar Contribution Per Session would be appreciated!  This Contribution is an imperative need to help towards our Reopening to keep all our Members Safe!

Jo/Staff training session will be implemented at the Aptos Park Workshop.  This will enable us to be at a safe Social Distance and train at a higher level of the Martial Arts.  We strongly recommend that you have our own equipment to prevent passing Germs and Bacteria.   If you’re interested in purchasing a Jo/Staff the price is $50, which also includes a Case for the Jo.

We want to congratulate Katelyn L. for earning her White-Red Belt!  Our first Outdoor Rank Promotion since the Shelter in Place!

Attention: Hours Changed!

Date: July 25th, 2020 (Saturday)

Time: 11:00am to 12:30pm

          (Tiny Tigers starts at 11:15am)

Site:   Aptos Park 

Requirement:  Temperature Check/Logged, Mask are to be worn, and Social Distancing of 10 Feet apart.

Let’s stay safe and healthy!  If you’re sick, please stay at home!


GM Jung