July 18th (Saturday) 12PM to 1:30PM – Outdoor Workshop at Aptos Park

Dear Valued KMAC Members:

I personally had a great time at the park training! And I thank all the members that has been coming to our last 3 practices. Because of the Covid-19 which limited our training requirements for advancement in rank, we will be crediting your attendance and recommend promotion towards your Black Belt as “Time in Grade”. If you have an interest in moving forward, please feel free to talk to me (GM Jung) regarding your rank.

Date: July 18, 2020 (SATURDAY)
Time: 12 Noon to 1:30pm
Location: Aptos Park (Cross Street: Ocean/Aptos)
Donation: $20. ( towards fogger ) collected by: SBN Sandy Lee w/envelope & name
* Must have Water, Mask worn, 10+ Feet Social Distancing, Temperature Check and comfortable Sportswear/Shoes !!!

Program: 12 Noon – 12:50pm
-Warm ups
-Olympic Drills
-Forms Group A
-Weapons Training Group B
*If you’re interested in weapon (Staff) bring a Broom Stick about 5-6ft.!
*All ranks welcome! Beginners to Advance at the Park.

GM Jung