Gabby S. and Mikaela L’s Black Belt

It wasn’t just an ordinary Saturday for Gabby S. and Mikaela L., on August 29, 2020, when these two young ladies achieved and earned their Karate Black Belt from Professor Beliso.  They underwent a through and rigorous 4-hour test with Forms, Physical Agility Exercises and Board Breaking.

Our KMAC motto is “Flexible, Strong and Humble” which applies to Gabby and Mikaela as they took their test.  A Black Test isn’t just about fulfilling the requirement of physical endurance but having the indomitable spirit to power through — to not give up and to always strive through adversity.

The Pandemic has made life harder for everyone and many people have started to think that things won’t get better.  People have forgotten that will power and positive thinking can move mountains and will allow you face any adversity thrown at you.  Both young ladies fought their doubts and fears to prepare and complete their Black Belt tests and they succeed because they never gave up!  

We are very proud of their achievement!