First Full Month Reopened & Saturday, October 17th KMAC Outdoor Training Session

Dear KMAC Family,

Agenda Items:

– Our First Full Month Since Reopening

– 10/17/20 KMAC Outdoor Training Information


Our First Full Month Since Re-Opening

It’s been one full month since we reopened, and we would like to take the time to thank everyone for their support!  We deeply appreciate it!

We look forward to the coming months as we, as a community, continue our Martial Arts journey with flexibility, strength, and humility!


10/17/20 KMAC Outdoor Training Information

Our Saturday October 17th Session will be at KMAC’s Outdoor Training Lot at our 1414 Ocean Avenue location.  For those that aren’t aware, the KMAC Outdoor Training Lot is larger in area than our Dojang, allowing us to maintain Social Distancing in an Outdoor Environment at KMAC!

And starting on this Session, October 17th and thereafter, we will start charging a $20 dollar fee for Non-Full Time Members/Drop-Ins to help keep KMAC operational!

There will be three classes offered from an Early Bird session all the way to a Noon class.

To ensure that everyone is stepping up their skills, the classes are broken up into three sessions as follows:

9AM – 10:15AM

10:30AM – 11:45AM

12PM – 1:15PM

Master Luis P.

Ivan L.

Master Larry K.

Darlene H.

Alvin L.

Azar A.

Joshua F.

Kensley L.

Miriam C.

Matt S.

Ryan L.


Rebecca S.

Gerard H.

Rafieh K.

Katelyn L.

Aubrey H.

Jim S.

Jayden L.

Cole P.

Evan M.

Jerek L.

Mikaela L.

Aaron H.

Kaylee C.

Violet C.

I strongly suggest that the following students attend the designated times for best results and where Senior Students can help support the Junior Student and enhance their Training Session.

When entering the KMAC Outdoor Training Lot, you will be guided to the Side Gate to the rear of the KMAC’s building to gain access to our Outdoor Training Facility.

Again, starting this training session, Saturday October 17th and thereafter, we are instituting a $20 dollar FEE for Non-Full Time Members/Drop-Ins for the Saturday Session to help keep KMAC operational!

Like the previous Outdoor Training Sessions, we will have mandatory Logged Temperature Checks, and all participants must wear a Mask and maintain Social Distancing! 

We will be expecting warm than normal temperatures, so we suggest everyone bring Water to stay hydrated!  Also, please use your own discretion if you don’t safe.  There will be other training session should you miss this one!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Grand Master Jung at (415) 333-1050.

Stay healthy and safe!

GM Jung