2020 NCTA Championships Report

2020 NCTA Championships Report
KMAC’s overall standing:
David A. = 1st Place (tied)
Rafiel K. = 2nd place (tied) 
Mikaela L. = 3rd place (tied)
KMAC congratulates our top finishers and extends a job well done to all the participants this past year!  Trophies will be presented to the top finishers either at the next tournament or at KMAC.
For those students who are interested in competing in the future and would like to have an understanding of the point system, please read the following:
This is event is sponsored by the Northern California Taekwondo Association (NCTA).  We attempt to host 5 tournaments per year. At each tournament you can earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze in each of the two events:
     A. Forms
     B. Sparring (however due to the pandemic this event is replaced by a safer one-on-one no-contact, bag-kicking, skills display competition)
Point System:
Gold = 3 points
Silver = 2 points
Bronze = 1 point
Attending = 1 point
Final leaderboard standings are determined at the end of the year by tabulating the sum of accrued points a competitor has accumulated from participating  in each of the tournaments that year.
KMAC’s students, if you are interested in participating in this coming 2021 NCTA Championships, please see Grandmaster Jung for more details.