2020 NCTA Championships Report

2020 NCTA Championships Report   KMAC’s overall standing:   David A. = 1st Place (tied) Rafiel K. = 2nd place (tied)  Mikaela L. = 3rd place (tied) KMAC congratulates our top finishers and extends a job well done to all the participants this past year!  Trophies will be presented to the top finishers either at the next tournament or at KMAC. For those students who are interested in competing in the future and would like to have an understanding of […]

Outdoor Classes Tuesday Jan. 12th

Attention KMAC Tuesday class 1-12-21 ————- Please use your discretion for today! We are prepared to hold class this afternoon. There have been a few drops and if it down pours we will definitely cancel on the spot. Also, verify that this message received and if you re planning to attend or not so we can take an account. Thank you!   Grandmaster Jung