Results from the CYC Classics Taekwondo Tournament on March 9, 2019 in Concord!

Dear KMAC Family, We want to congratulate all those that participated in the recent CYC Classics Taekwondo Tournament as well as recognize their achievements. Forms Sparring Michaela Gold Gold Jayden Bronze Gold Jarek Gold Silver Gabby Silver N/A Joshua Silver Gold Dominic Gold Gold William Gold Gold David Gold Gold Barron Silver Silver Linh Gold Bronze Caden N/A Bronze Yolo Bronze Gold

2019 Lunar New Year Festival Demonstration

Dear KMAC Family, We would like thank and recognize those that participated in our 2019 Lunar New Year Festival Demonstration for an outstanding demo! Left to Right: Violet, Mikaela, Zachary, Jerek, Ryan, Kenley, Aaron, Jayden, and Joshua. Back row: Jason, Master Perdices and Ken. Salute, GM Jung