Congratulations, Yongmudo Test, Feburary 8, 2018!

Congratulations to all! Jesus Cervantes and Christopher Campbell for their Brown Belt advancement. Dominic N., William N., Gabriel M. and Ethan M. advance to 2nd stripe purple belt. We thank Master Perdices, Master Mangonon, Edna Perez and Julian Ramil for seating on the promotion panel. Also special thanks to Ivy Mangonon for capturing the event on electronic media. Salute, Master Mar and GM JUNG

January 5th Training Report And Upcoming Tournament Reminders!

– January 5th Competition Team Work out! – On January 5th, the Competition Team had an intense and high energy work out that started off the New Year with DRIVE and SPIRIT!  Thank you Competition Team KMAC!  With this level of devotion and inspiration anything this year is possible! – GM Jung – Tournaments Reminder! – There are upcoming tournaments, the Golden Gate Open Championship on January 27th and the Yongmudo Tournament at UC Berkley on February 24th!  Both events […]