2016 Ring Ceremony Luncheon

Please join us in the UPCOMING 2016 Ring Ceremony Luncheon! All KMAC members, active or inactive are welcome to join us in this year’s 2016 Ring Ceremony to recognize and celebrate students at the school for their excellence in their respective categories! Such as: Most Inspiration Award, Best Attitude Award, Leadership Award, MVP Award, and much more! Tickets will be available for sale as soon as the venue is finalized! In ordered to be a recipient of the award one […]



Son of Deceased SFPD Member Wins Prestigious Martial Arts Competition

Son of Deceased SFPD Member Wins Prestigious Martial Arts Competition By Darlene Hong Korean Martial Arts Center And SF Police Credit Union Recently, Alex Fogarty, the son of one of our very own former San Francisco police officers Clifton Fogarty (deceased), was selected from across the entire nation to represent the United States of America in an international championship competition in the sport of Yongmudo (mixed martial arts). All 18 selected members of the US national team spanned all across […]

Special Yongmudo Class (Judo, Hapkido & Taekwondo)

Inquire about training with 2016 World Champion – Alex Fogarty (in green) Learning rolls, falling, choking, arm barring, self defense, knife technique, stick technique, the 25 Sin Moo kicks and throwing. Much more for students who want to take it to the next level! See GM Jung or Master Mar for details.